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    Oletko aina haaveillut kaukomatkasta? Haluatko nähdä, millaiselta maailma näyttää Euroopan ulkopuolella? Kuinka erilainen kulttuuri on? Näetkö itsesi ratsastamassa norsun selässä Aasiassa tai kävelemässä Etelä-Amerikan slummien läpi? Mitkä ovat parhaat matkatoimistot kaukomatkoja varten? Olemme tehneet yhteenvedon kaikista yrityksistä, jotka tarjoavat kaukomatkoja. Mukana on myös yrityksiä, jotka ovat erikoistuneet vähemmän tunnettuihin matkakohteisiin. On aina tärkeää, että matkatoimisto tietää tarkkaan mitä tekee ja miten parhaiten auttaa sinua hädän hetkellä. Mitkä matkatoimistot ovat parhaita? Lue muiden arvosteluja, kokemuksia, mielipiteitä ja moitteita tai jätä omasi.

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    Ever thought about booking a golf trip? That thought is shared by more people than you think! That’s why there are more providers of golf holidays than you think. They are not very well known, but they do exist. That’s why we made an overview of all the travel agencies that offer golf holidays. Popular destinations include Germany, France, and especially Spain, which also has the benefit of nice weather. The ambiance and setting of these golf courses are also worth looking at if you are a big fan of golfing. Lesser known, but just as beautiful, are for instance, Turkey or America. Read hands-on experiences of golf coarse users and travel agencies so you can make the best course and touring company to make your reservation.

    Who does not dream about it: Being on an enormous boat, relaxing on deck in the sun for a whole day, enjoying a cocktail and some live entertainment live entertainment or a film at the cinema. Let yourself be swept away across the big ocean to sunny Caribbean islands, Fiji, the highlands of New-Zealand and recently even Dubai. But who offer these cruises from (insert place names) Who has the best offer and who is the cheapest? What is a good site to compare and see the reviews, ratings, experiences and opinions of people who went before you.. How is the food and what is the quality of the rooms? All questions that won’t be answered by looking at a provider’s website itself. These questions will only be answered by reviews by people who went on the same cruise before you. And of course you’ll want to know how the providers handle your personal information. How did the reservation go and did you get your tickets with the right information in time? That’s why we made an overview of all travel agencies that offer a holiday on a cruise ship. Use experiences, reviews and complaints of former customers to form your own opinion and make the best choice.

    The ideal road trip, where do you find that? For some people, the ideal road trip is just leaving at haphazard, arrange nothing and just see where you end up! That can be the cause of many great stories. Those stories can be positive or negative, but that’s just part of the whole experience. Other people prefer their road trip to be more planned out by making reservations at several places along the road, so you at least have a hotel or a camping site. Many travel agencies can give you a clear cut schedule, so you know exactly where you will drive to. Think for instance of the Scottish Highlands, of the Spanish coast. That way, you are sure to encounter at least some of the beautiful landscapes that that country has to offer. But what are the best road trips of the year? Is it France, Italy or, once again, Germany. Read reviews by people who made a road trip before you and see what they have to say about their experiences, opinions and complaints.