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    As company or shop, ofcourse you stand behind your product or service. And you are convinced that the balance between price and quality is right. But is that really so? Are your customers really satisfied? Does the whole perception of customers check out? There’s only one way to find that out: by asking your customers.

    Are you up for the challenge, or are you sure enough of your service to let customers review your company publicly and independently?

    Then send an email to with subject ‘”subscription companypage”

    - Add a (unique!) piece of text about your company of about 500 words. Tell about your history, what your company does, what products/services you provide, how your customers are treated and everything else you want to share.

    - your personal details (they are only used by SuomiArvostelut, so you receive a notification when a review had been written.

    - your motivation on why you believe your company needs to be onSuomiArvostelut.

    You get the SuomiArvostelut gauge for free. Put it on your site and let other potential customers of clients know how other customers rate you.



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